About Holu

Perfectionist Holu proprietor & founder had always been seeking for a "Perfect Combination" of Asian Barbeque, Classic American Steak, and Full Range Of Drinks. Eventually, all the efforts turned to build up a unique work "Holu", which produces "Meat & Drinks Feast" and "Symphony Of Taste". Holu Concept is accompanied by the highest quality USDA Prime Dry-Aged Steaks, rich variety of Beer, Wine, Spirits, and a suite of Classic Old Fashioned & New Era Creative cocktails.

The prime beef cuts from our in-house dry aging room are cooked on Ceramic Charcoal Smokeless High-End Grills in every table. By that way, every morsel of steak would be caramelized perfectly to how foodies like it to be cooked, and would make every bite hot, fresh, juicy, and blasting!

Other than Holu's signature beef cuts on grills, delightful lamb, pork, seafoods will be counted as the significant parts of "On-Grill Carnival Feast".